Communication by Alphanumerical Keyboard with SPEAK IT

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Communication by Alphanumerical Keyboard with SPEAK IT


Before reading this document, we recommend that you consult the general document on communication apps.  This document highlights only what seems interesting and different from other applications.

What is Speak It

The application is simple, not very intuitive, and limited – but is sold for a good price (1.79 EUR).
Simple because it is refined.
Not intuitive because the button icons are not clear.
Limited because there is very little configuration possible compared to other communication applications with an alphabetic keyboard.
Good price compared to its competitors (which can go up to 109.99 EUR for some).

Our Advice

This application may not be the best in its category, but its low price makes it worth discussing and gives users an impression of what communication applications by alphabetic keyboard are like. For certain people, it is probably sufficient.